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Đội hình

WER Team is one person team, high performance team and invincible team. Everybody has a well team-conscious, the ability of good communication and coordination; Work hard, meticulous and patience can afford the pressure of the work, which very familiar with the business process and know how to better serve customers, have strong ability of practical foreign trade, hardworking and devoted to themselves career, a little progress every day. They are passionate, energetic, helpful, experienced,hospitable, fun, is a good friend you deserve to trust, once doing business with us, there is nothing you can not rest assured. Team members at our company covers in Market-Developing (sales), Technology, Operation, Design, R&D Shipping, After-sale service team etc

Training & Meeting

Every week, WER will hold a sales meeting, which aims to enhance the internal unity.
Every month, WER will hold an enterprise safety meeting, which helps us better cooperate with our government.
Every year, WER will hold an annual celebration meeting, which focus on mutualthanks to our colleagues.